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I replaced Q7 and Q8, I replaced D5 and checked D4. Q8 Runs hot enought to burn your pinkie, you want hold your Pinky tip on Q8 when the Pot VR29 is turned all the way over. I'm assuming that Q8 can handle the heat? Theres not really much more of an explanation unless the power supply is just screwed, which I did check and couldn't find any faults with it. I have diodes i'm using that is BZX55C5V6 which is the closest diodes I could find for a replacement. I assume this will be ok? I couldn't find just a 5V6 diode.

I feel like i've gotten even more familiar with the innerworkings of this unit.

The IC31\IC32 gets hot enough to burn you if no heat sink. Heat sink says cool.

Until Next time, it is a work in progress, this stuff takes time... . I did open a working TG2001 and observe the heat from the Logic chips. Some of them were pretty darn warm.

Sorry if I failed to reply to each post here, at this time.
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