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Thank you so so much Marconi_MPT4, Your help is so much appreciated by me! I Purchased a total of 6 TG2001 Because I fell in love with this model out of all the other models. I feel like this machine has the most purest of waveforms and I am amazed by the layout of the front panel. I doubt the newer function generators ebay sells thats fairly cheap.

i'm in the stage of troubleshooting this board and I am having some upmost extreme difficulty Locating the faults of the board that is malfunctioning after a amplitude burnout of the 50 ohm circuitry. I have purchased several components and plan to learn and master this Thandar unit.

At this moment I have measured a total of 50 volts on the secondary side of the transformer as in the Transformer primary connected as in the documentation you shared with me. The Voltage Regulators LM317T and LM337T are severely overheating even after replacement. I removed every IC component from the board and I'm still having the overheating problem.

I removed 8 Transistors completely and Removed all the Motorola Transistors, as well as completely removed the LCD circuitry,, and Still having overheating problems.

I am unable to locate the fault at this time. However, I feel as if I do locate this fault the rest will come easy.

Any Ideals?
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