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Default Re: AVO 163 amp board ~ transformers

Do a couple of regulated high voltage supplies, a low power negative supply and a heater transformer with switched secondaries and you can save thousands on the VCM163 to start with.

Once you start designing things and see the possibilities, where do you stop? The possibilities really are endless. It's like that unravelling a sweater thing, but in reverse.

If doing boards, there is only one caveat: They are only of use to someone with a faulty VCM163, who therefore has boards and although unable to fix them, is capable of swapping them

... edit.... maybe also someone with a dead Gm meter and wants the freedom to fit a lss sensitive movement.

It's not a difficult project and covers a bit of ground. Sourcing some ferrite cores and winding them is not rocket science, needs no special tools or skills and once you've done your first one and got it working, you have a new freedom and the remains of a scary monster lies with your lance skewering it.

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