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Default Re: AVO 163 amp board ~ transformers

I was hoping you'd say that. Over the past couple of years, I've played with;

(a) a very simple 2-transistor Wien oscillator (supplied as a kit with PCB and lamp thermistor for ~3 from China), which operates well at 14.4kHz with a very good sine wave (as judged by eye) and seems to start-up 100% reliably, and...

(b) an AF millivoltmeter using a dual op-amp and good to 20kHz (you helped me solve a meter thwaking tendency)

and at the back of my mind was an update activity of the 163. I'm not saying that either project fully fits the bill here, but I think that they, or something similar, could be built quite nicely on one PCB of the size of the two boards used for the original osc and amp units.

As I've already got an op-amp in there compensating for the Gm meter, it would actually be a tidying up exercise!

If anyone wants to collaborate on such a project, that would be very good!
If Ed could produce new transformers, we could leave the old boards intact.

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