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Default Re: AVO 163 amp board ~ transformers

The proposed benefactor of all this research seems somewhat reticent to respond to this thread or the "now closed(by RW)" wanted thread. Dekatron & Bazz have kindly posted pictures of decent working boards, and, as Ed has requested, a picture from HPW of his phooked board would be most welcome. 26 components & an old fashioned tinned copper/ paxolin pcb - just how seriously damaged is it to warrant a replacement,(or even, God forbid) another 163 to be acquired as a donor ?
Ed is the foremost transformer repair expert in the UK vintage radio fraternity, so I wouldn't hesitate to consult him if I needed a T/F repaired for any of my AVO equipment. Likewise, if I was less experienced, I wouldn't hesitate to send an AVO VCM off to Mike Barker for a full service/calibration. Both these wise options would cost far far far less than simply acquiring another VCM, then another, on the open market.
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