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Default Four Blaupunkt Car Stereos


I hope someone can help least in relation to my car radio issues.

I have four Blaupunkt car radios, that work/don't work to some extent.

They date from the 1990's, and two are sentimental to me, the other two I would just like to get working because I prefer the old style simple sets and can't bear to throw them out.

Is anyone able to work on these? I'm happy to go in to more detail on the problems if so.

Alternatively, if anyone can suggest a repair shop in or around Watford/Hillingdon, please send me a message.

I also have a Motorola 112 which i would love to get working. a capacitor exploded some time ago, but the interior was then cleaned and that cap was replaced, so it "only" needs someone who knows about these things poking around in it...I hope...when connected there is a faint hiss from the speaker and a light on in the display, but no sound.
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