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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

Regarding auction setting up, the BVWS book the RWB hall on Saturday evening for setting up, rather than having to do it all on Sunday morning. RWB is close enough to the BVWS store to allow two trips with the van if required.

Several years ago we could do it all in one day but the committee and volunteers aren't getting any younger either.

I don't know whether this is viable for Chas at either location, but it would certainly make the day less tiring, and could probably allow an earlier auction start (and thus and earlier finish) too. Obviously there is extra hall hire cost.

Mike does all the lot sorting and cataloguing (and photos for RWB) which is a lot of work in the week before.

The BVWS always struggle to get new volunteers too. I suspect the same is true in any similar collectors group.

I admire Chas for continuing this for so many years and at his age. Although it is not run as a not-for-profit group, it clearly isn't making a profit or steady income so must be a labour of love. Hopefully as a result of this discussion and the magazine message he will get some more support to enable it to continue.

BVWS volunteers get free entry and free breakfast. Maybe Chas could offer something similar, such as free membership to the auction catalogue service.

Regarding catalogues, BVWS ones are free (online only) as they are a good advertisement for the auctions. People are more likely to attend if they know what interesting lots are available. For Chas the catalogue service obviously helps fund the auctions, however it could be good to show and list some of the best lots online to tempt potential new attendees.

Note that although I am on the BVWS committee, these are my own comments, not BVWS comments.

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