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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

Thanks for your reply, Graham.

I donít know either party personally, so Iím unable to form an opinion based on anything other than what Iíve read or heard. I understand that these things can be very awkward, especially when neither party is prepared to give ground and when stubbornness seems to run roughshod over any sensible solution.

It seems a Godsend that you are able to help out now, otherwise I think the Radiophile may have ceased already. The pertinent question that needs to be answered is, how does Chas see the future of his creation? Is he happy that the Radiophile will pass with him, or would he wish it to continue under the direction of another experienced radio enthusiast?

The incorporation of Radio Bygones into the Radiophile, to me, seems barmy! How can Chas even contemplate tackling more work when he canít publish his principle title regularly? I think he really needs to be honest with himself, his family, and his subscribers.

If it were me, I would cease the auctions until someone else was prepared to take it on, and, if necessary, jettison the additional Radio Bygones workload.

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