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Default Uher CR210 versions

I have a Uher CR210 portable cassette recorder. It really is a beautiful piece of engineering....

But it does not seem to be the same as the ones in all the service manuals I can find, or the ones on various websites. There are 4 major differences that I have found so far :

1) 'Everybody' says the amplifier PCB contains 2 ICs, the power amplifiers for the 2 channels. Mine does not, it's all discrete transistors

2) The motor is entirely electronically controller. There is no mechanical commutator for startup that was common in Uher motors. I even took the end cap off the motor to check. So the motor driver PCB is different too.

3) It uses hall effect sensors and magnetic rings on the reel spindles to detect tape motion, not optical sensors.

From what I can see the amplifier and motor driver PCBs are not entirely pin-compatible with the ones in the manual. And my unit doesn't appear to have been modified, so I don't think it's a 'bitsa' or a 'marriage' or wharever you call it here.

Does anyone know anything about this version?
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