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Hello to everyone, This query ? is not strictly anything to do with radio restoration, so, Moderators, please move it if it is in the wrong place. Yesterday, on switching on my worklight/magnifier light, it didn't come on. I wriggled things about, ie. lamp, plugs, connecting wire etc. Switching it on again, it was OK. I then probed the steel parts (springs etc) of the lamp with the electric neon tester, and the neon tester light came on. I closely examined all the wiring to the lamp, without dismantling it, but saw nothing suspicious. I then tried the neon tester on other devices, like signal generator, with no response from neon tester. I tested for voltage between the steel parts of the lamp and the chassis of a plugged in radio. Result, 1 or 2 volts. Nevertheless, I am worried about the neon tester lighting, when connected to the steel of the lamp. For instance, would there be an increased chance of something dramatic happening if I accidentally had one hand on lamp while the hand was touching radio chassis.
Any information would help to put my mind at ease. All the best. John.
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