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Default Repeat guaranteed!!

I'm decorating at the moment - and listening to the radio on a cheap/washable Chinese 'bathroom set'. For the past few days it's been tuned to 'Smooth Radio' .... and with hands and brushes covered in paint I can't be bothered to change it .... albeit that it's driving me up the wall [literally and metaphorically]!! This particular station is like a cracked LP - in so much that the only things that change are the announcers/DJ's! Every [groundhog] day it's the same repeat middle-of-the-road material ..... to the degree that it inspires me to wonder whether they use an endless tape/loop ... paused only to change announcers and broadcast the latest news/traffic reports!!

Most of the broadcast material is 'O.K.' the first time around .... but five [or more] times a day? It isn't even 'comprehensive' ... e.g. I've never heard: Gentleman Jim, Tom Jones etc. (I'm actually a 'Blues Man' ... and feel that I'm being driven to it!!).

I know all these 'franchised stations' are much of a muchness ..... but at least Absolute promises a "no repeat guarantee" !!

Seasons Greetings to all ...... [especially Mrs Trellis from Prestatyn]

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