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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

Simon - the full story is too long for here, but you are, in essence, correct. The problem is that too many changes happened simultaneously, and there were a lot of complaints from both buyers and sellers. In addition, the paperwork left something to be desired.

I did try and mediate between both parties as I still feel that the idea of someone taking over, even if just a bit at a time, would be a good thing, but unfortunately I couldn't really get a conversation going with the person involved and he subsequently told me he was too busy to take things further.

Chas is fairly set in his ways, it is true. But he does listen, and will accept advice provided it is limited and measured - for example the website, facebook presence, pdf magazines and catalogues etc. What he won't accept (and rightly so in my opinion) is massive changes to the way he has been doing things for years without prior consultation and well thought our reasoning as to why the change is needed.
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