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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

The October auction was a better organised affair. I got to Gnosall early on the Saturday and Chas & Jo arrived some time later. Others arrived and the trailer load was soon being sorted and put on tables. I had not appreciated that the lots would all be ready numbered and labeled, That must involve a lot of prior work we don't see.

Portering 3 handed went well, I managed to mix 2 lots but that was soon sorted, 400+ lots straight through without a break.

Clearing up was delayed somewhat by a few buyers being a bit tardy in clearing their lots but all seemed to have been claimed. Within an hour or so the tables were folded and moved out on the trolleys, Phillip did a sterling sweep up job, Chas and co had the paperwork squared away and we could all go home.

The only heavy part is actually moving tables and lots around, Son of Chas (sorry not familiar with his name) probably has the hardest job loading the trailer twice to bring the lots into the hall, I suspect that he gets little help. The kitchen kept up well well with demand for refreshments.

As far as local help, I would doubt that there are many interested parties nearby, Gnosall is quite rural, so yes, if anyone wanted to help on both days it makes a night in a B&B almost essential.
None of us is getting any younger and Chas & Jo must be considering an easier life, it needs someone to take over running the show with Chas' guidance but Chas will have to accept that not everyone does things his way, a essential lesson I learnt long ago.
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