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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

i know Philip (see post #1) quite well. He confirmed the story of the aftermath of the July auction on the telephone a few minutes ago. I was not thrilled to hear it. The British Library catalogue shows the author of "Practical handbook of valve radio repair" and other books as being Charles Edward Miller, born in 1931. Assuming that this is correct, Chas is in his mid 80's. Philip is not too far behind and all of that work would certainly have taken it out of him.

Regarding set-up day, the available help has to be local, unless those who travel are going to stay overnight in a B&B. That decreases the pool of those who might be able to help.

Regarding cleaning up after the auction, I would have chair racks (if used) staged at the end of the auction and ask that everybody take their chair to the rack or storage area. Many hands make light work. Unless the process is completely foolproof, somebody should over see it. Otherwise somebody will have a miserable time sorting it out afterwards.

I understand that there are 600 lots in Sunday's auction, and plans for another at the end of January.

73 John
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