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Question 'Kalmus' wideband RFPA: info.?

A really long shot this - but always worth a try . . .

I have a wide-band RF power amplifier of which I would like to know a bit more about it. What I do know is as follows:

Full manufacturer's name: Kalmus Engineering International (U.S.A.).
Freq. range: 1 - 200 MHz.
Max. power out: 50-watts.
Gain: 45 dB
Model: 250C.

This amp. does not seem to have ALC - or if it does, it isn't working. And thereby hangs the rub: "does not seem". If I can discover if this item does - or does not - have ALC, then I can - or otherwise - contemplate investigating it with a view to doing a (possible) repair.
As it stands, it is indeed useful, but the fact that the O/P power varies substantially with frequency does make multi-freq. usage with a constant drive level somewhat tiresome.

Anyone here know anything (other than that stated above) about this item?

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