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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

Hi Graham. I think there is more awareness re the unique nature of The Radiophile since you persuaded Chas to have an internet presence and that's all to the good. I've commented several times over the years that delays in publication are an aspect of the magazine that long term subscribers have always tolerated and accepted with good humour particularly as the owner always took great trouble to explain the various technical, health, vehicle and domestic problems that often seemed to conspire against him! Disaster was s almost a given in a way but as you say, it's not like the Radio Times

I'm sorry I can't help with any of the difficulties outlined. Despite being based in the North my perapatetic life style militates against this and even attending a lot of events but I thank you for taking the time to explain things. I will be even more grateful to get the next issue now

Best Wishes for the season to you and all the Radiophile "elves" .


"Broadcasting" from Ramsbottom Library!
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