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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

The PDF has a profit margin much closer to what I personally would deem as sensible, but of course many people still want the print issues. With electronics and computer magazines in the newsagents costing 6, 7 or more these days (and subsidised by lots of adverts), I still think the print magazine price is actually pretty good.

With respect to the service aspect, again I would reiterate that the magazine has never been sold as having fixed publication dates - the subscription is sold as number of issues, so every subscriber gets what they paid for. If you want a regular magazine delivery, then The Radiophile is simply not suitable for you.

With respect to the auctions, it would be a shame to see them go, but unless things change I suspect that this will eventually happen. At that time of course, the (small) income they bring in will also cease, and I can't see a realistic prospect of Chas being able to maintain the current price thereafter (though I'm sure he would try!)
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