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Default Re: Radiophile Auction - The future

I don't know Chas (although I have chatted on the phone, buying something not complaining) but reading this and his notes I do worry about his health. I've never been able to attend an auction (they're just to far although they are further north than the BVWS ones) but it sounds like they're more bother than they are worth so maybe it's time to stop them.

I enjoy the Magazine but I'm not sure 25 for 3 issues is value for money and when you're paying for a service you expect some predictability but a week or 2 leeway would be acceptable and is part of the charm.

My subscription ends at 141. I'm undecided but will probably go for the cheaper PDF option, presumably this is less hassle and more profit.

So I'd be happy to see the auctions sacrificed for the magazine.

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