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Default Re: Surface mount parts- RIP. (Rest in Place)

Originally Posted by Herald1360 View Post
Originally Posted by Bazz4CQJ View Post
As a kid I used to collect my sister's discarded nail varnishes and used them for all kinds of odd tasks, e.g. fixing coils in place on formers. Ah... the smell of nail varnish
If anyone can show me the difference between RS anti tamper seal and red nail varnish, I'd be interested...
Now there's a thing - if I was a girl, I'd want to paint my nails with the RS varnish. May not get the street cred- but definitely lab cred!

I usually tack SM parts down on one pin or pad, like MrBungle. Or I use a cocktail stick to hold it down, and flood the whole thing with solder, afterwards draining it away by holding the board upside-down and visiting the iron underneath. I definitely don't like any glue if I can help it!
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