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Default Re: Joining polycarbonate /Perspex panels to make a case?

A few points here. A bottle of chloroform that is 30 years old could have degraded and/or evaporated during that time. Chloroform is usually stabilised with ethanol or amylene these days to prevent degradation. If your boss was daft enough to take a sniff of something in the bottle without knowing what it was, he is a fool, to say the least. Was there nothing on a label to inform him?

With regard to the poisons register, I don't think there has been such a thing for some time. There again, in my day-job before I retired, I was in a research group at Imperial College, London and we used quite a lot of chloroform - there again we were in an academic environment and educated people.

If I were you, Marc, I wouldn't use that Gallenkamp olive oil for anything culinary. Again, after 30 years it has a good chance of having degraded by oxidisation or polymerisation. The "BP" designation means that it was meant for pharmaceutical purposes anyway. "BP" is "British Pharmacopia" and indicates that.

On principle, I wouldn't take anything out of a workshop or laboratory and use it for a culinary purpose. How do you know that it isn't impure? That might mess up any experiments that you might use it for, but consuming it might do a lot more damage.
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