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Default Surface mount parts- RIP. (Rest in Place)

While replacing some SMT parts in TV sets, I had a ****** of a time getting them to stay in place while I soldered them. After a mutual grumbling session with my friends, one of the girls suggested eye lash glue.

Use the Latex base stuff. (If it smells like ammonia, don't use it). A pin point size drop of the clear stuff, properly dried, held the parts just fine. Non- conductive too, if you don't use the black stuff.

It took some experimenting, but the gal at the local makeup counter was delighted to sell me 5-6 different types to putter with. One tube will likely last for hundreds & hundreds of parts.
Oh, yeah, be sure to put the cap back on tightly too. It turns into a rubbery blob if you don't.

The black type seems somewhat conductive, as I think an ingredient is carbon black or charcoal for the coloring. At least the stuff I tried was conductive on the meter.

I ran 1" strips of it on glass, and measured conductivity with my meter. One result of this was my SO had a many years supply of the types that were not suitable. Some of the adhesive types had chemicals in it that I was not sure would be safe for the chips and components.
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