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Default Re: Colour mixing in mechanical television

Originally Posted by Steve_McVoy View Post
Your eye sees directly to the LEDs, off the mirror of the screw, through the slot, to the rear of the box. Arranging the LEDs in a row won't help, as my experiment with the fibers demonstrated. You can see each fiber (or LED), creating a confusing bunch of red, blue and green lines in the picture.
Right, I stand corrected. I guess I imagined that the slit box's length would occupy a substantial part of the total light travel distance so the focal planes would be different and easily distinguishable. In fact this is not how things are arranged.

Originally Posted by PJL View Post
Could try this instead. Box needs to be reflective inside and the deflection plate would need to be painted in something purpose made? Alternatively you could try the colors side by side and a delay in the RGB signals?
Nice one Peter! To capture all the light of the LEDs the slit would have to be near the focus of the reflector. All the coloured beams could be arranged to converge at the slit, but then they'd diverge and separate again. So you'd still need a diffuser/light mixer.

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