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Default Re: Colour mixing in mechanical television

Originally Posted by Steve_McVoy View Post
I wonder if this approach would also work for our lens-disk scanner:

Here the problem was getting a point light source (20 mils) with a dispersion angle of about 20 degrees. I'm using an original crater lamp now, but hate to demonstrate it, since there are very few of these around. Couldn't a bright LED be used with 4 parallel mirrors and a hole 20 mils in diameter?
Instead of 4 parallel mirrors I should think an internally polished cylinder (or large converging lens) would be better.

However why not simply saw off the top of a bright LED and then polish the resulting flat emitting surface? Wouldn't the result then be an instant 'crater lamp' ?

Originally Posted by Steve_McVoy View Post
Darryl has completed the color version of his Aurora, and built a light source for his 60 line scanning disk set. The results are amazing:
Terrific stuff! Congratulations to all concerned - can't wait now to see the pictures with your mirror screw!

Panrock is online now