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Default Re: Can somebody please repair My TV22

Ok, looks like low HT to me, certainly you have some issues in the RF stage . Dump the fluke DMM, connect your AVO (you do have one don't you ) to the HT line with the set turned off.

Apply power, and watch the HT rise - it should come right up to the corerect level far in advance of the rest of the set, then I would suspect it will drop off, as the rest of the circuit draws power.

If the HT is low in these early stages trace where the AC derived from - does it pass through any resistors?, if not you should have 220vish AC on the anodes of the rectifier, so you ought to have around 300-350 on the smoothing caps - if you have 220ish volts with the rf stage disconnected you either have a leaky cap or two to earth in the TB circuits, or a dried out electrolytic that is not passing muster.....

So, lets hear what is going on from these checks

Good luck

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