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Default Re: Can somebody please repair My TV22

Originally Posted by Jarl Ayari
Low A1 Voltage at around 100v, replaced metrosil (didnt know how to test it) with the Resistor/Diode adaptation from Andys site.

No HT at all

But we do have all of the heaters including the DY51 which has its own heater winding on the LOPT so I know the primary must be ok

Thats about it to start.

Um....maybe I'm misunderstanding your symptoms but if I understand from the comment above that you have all heaters alight including the DY51 then you must have HT and the line must be running otherwise the DY51 would not be alight. It would of course be possible to have no HT with all heaters alight but the DY51 would not be alight. With no HT, you would have no boost. You could have low boost with normal HT or possibly low boost with low HT but it would be extremely unlikely that the DY51 would be alight.

Can you clarify please .

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