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Default Re: Garrard record player deck identification.

Type A. This model had a large, heavy, nonferrous cast platter atop the regular steel drive platter of the RC88, but isolated from it by a foam sub-mat. It was also the first automatic record player with a fully counterbalanced tonearm. Its motor was an upgrade of that on the RC88, with magnetic screening plates, top and bottom, to minimize hum induced into sensitive magnetic cartridges. With these advanced features, it was advertised as the world's first "Automatic Turntable" to distinguish it from ordinary record changers.

The Type A sold exceptionally well. With the Type A and its sibling the AT6, Garrard dominated the American market, capturing well over half the sales of hi-fi record playing equipment.

Type A with USA plinth and GE VR-II mono cartridge. This has a non-standard mat replacing the original, whose rubber had perished.
Type A tonearm pivot assembly detail
Type A underside, showing the screening plates on the motor
Type A in metal plinth, as typically sold in Britain. Most Type A built for USA sales were tan; for UK sales, light grey.
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