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Default Philco record player - Garrard RC120 H problems

I'm currently restoring a fantastic late 50s Philco record player, model A3756, and have hit problems with the deck. It's a Garrard RC120H, and although I've freed off the speed selector and got the turntable working, I can't work out how to adjust the drop-down position of the tone arm. This is the deck that has a third arm to measure the record size, but unfortunately every time a record drops the tone arm comes to rest about an inch in. Can anyone help?

I've also had problems with replacing the cartridge on this one - I think the arm was designed for an Acos Hi-G, which had failed, so I've had to drill a small hole through the headshell to accommodate the support for an Acos GP-3. This has worked out well, although I'm now left with an unsightly hole where the turnover knob should be.

Electronically there wasn't a lot wrong with this, just four Hunts to replace and a small hole in the speaker surround, which is good because I couldn't find the service sheet as it doesn't seem to be available. It has push-pull amplifier (ECL82s), a huge bass speaker, and an electrostatic tweeter, and really does sound good. Interestingly though, it is badged 'high fidelity' but only has a tone control and not separate bass and treble as you would expect with a quality item. The output must be in the region of 5/6 watts.

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