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Default Re: More lost MK14 software

Yes, thanks circuitryboy for posting these.

I've merged all of these into a single pdf, and OCR'd this which brought size down from 15MB to 8MB. I did also use the Full Acrobat 9 standard 'Reduce File Size' to compress this. But even using maximum setting of Acrobat >= version 9, it still came out to be > 5MB - A bit too-large to attach here.
So I've uploaded it to Google Drive, to share this, as haven't got any other webspace yet.

OCR'd version:

And 'compressed' one:

I thought it may help with program-listing, but would still need to paste these into a suitable file / hex editor, possibly removing spaces etc. and save that - Not sure there's a way of generating an (Intel etc) Hex file without checksums, and have an editor add these.
Although I did notice a slight narrow blank line through top of one row of original printed hex-dump, so OCR-ing may not have managed to resolve that, possibly leaving as filled-in with bit-map graphics as I've often found most OCRing is rarely 100% (Although at least Acrobat Std. doesn't seem to put wrong charaxters in, and retains the same appearance / font as original)
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