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Default RE: More SC/MP documentation.

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
Hi Silvester, thanks for taking the trouble to join to post that useful code, which I see has already attracted some interest. As a new member your posts will be subject to 'new user' moderation at first, but that should wear off after you have made a few posts.

Welcome to the forum.
Thank you. Although I registered many years ago (2014) I hadn't realised I never posted - my initial interest was to solve problem with an old Crotech oscilloscope.

Originally Posted by Phil__G View Post
Hi David, its great to find yet another SC/MP enthusiast, this seems to be THE gathering spot for scampers all over the globe. We'd love to hear of your experiences & how you got involved with the SC/MP, are you still actively working with it? Have you anything else in your archives?
My first encounter with the SC/MP dates way back to 1981 when I got a copy of Ian R Sinclair's book 'Practical Microprocessor Systems' in which he detailed a minimal assessment system based on the INS8060, as a simple breadboard single-step computer. He also detailed the programming of the INS8154 PIO/RAM chip, so I bought both chips to play with on breadboard. A few years later Elektor were selling off both SC/MPUTER books so I picked them up and for many years intended to build the system. Eventually in the late 1980's I built a clone of the system with 16K RAM / 16K EPROM (split into configurable 4K pages). I got Elbug1, Elbug2 and NIBLE BASIC working on it. I then decided it would be a useful stand alone system to control my Maplin 5600S synthesiser (built in 1979), through its simple digital interface. I wrote an assembler/disassembler (in Sinclair QL BASIC) so I could write assembler source and send it to SC/MP serially at 9600 baud (using fileserver code running on SC/MP). Over the last 20 years I must have written about 24K code for controlling the synth and other things. So much so I had to increase EPROM to 32K to contain it. I modified Elbug for my setup, by extending into other EPROM space (improved MODIFY routine etc). The only thing which I guess isn't specific to my system that I have is the Elektor modified version of NIBLE BASIC (4K working from page 1, with RAM in page 2 upwards), that was listed in book 2.
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