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Default Re: MK14 programming interface - MK2

A mere three posts later, yet another revision of the 'send14' python script which powers the Pi version of the MK14 uploader. Hopefully this is the last one for a while. This revision addresses the problem whereby, as a side effect of using the 'autorun' feature of the uploader, the 2 bytes of the execution address would also be written to address 0FFE / 0FFF and therefore also to the status register which controls the hardware flag outputs.

To run this script under Linux you will need to make the script executable by your username, just as you would have had to do with the earlier versions. Also as with earlier versions, you may find that you have to increase the delay constants for the length of a keypress, the after-release delay and the length of the reset phase and the post-reset delay from my defaults - if you are already running an earlier version, edit those timings to be whatever worked for you in that version.

A reminder that if you use the uploader to load actual code which overwrites address 0FFF, that data will also be copied (by the monitor) to the status register and therefore to the flags. The workaround is to load the data intended for 0FFF into some other RAM location at the uploading stage and then copy it to 0FFF after the monitor has handed control over to your user program.
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