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Default Re: MK14 schematic revisions

PCBs are still enroute, but here is another little tessera for the MK14 mosaic, a 2111 SRAM tester sketch for the Arduino UNO. Connections between the UNO and the 2111 are explained in the comment at the start of the sketch.

This was unskillfully adapted from the original 2114 tester sketch written by 'Danjovic', which was found by Philoupat83 here:-

Output is viewed on the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE @9600bd. The tests are quite basic and may not catch every possible fault on a 2111 but it will catch most. It passes one of my recently acquired AM9111s and of course announces a failure if I remove the chip.

It directly manipulates the port pins of the Atmega328 in order to run the tests at a high speed, so it probably won't run on any other Arduino board.

The Arduino file extension .ino is not a supported attachment here so I have wrapped it up in a .zip file.
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