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beery 7th Dec 2017 4:33 pm

Ideas for TV mask repair and replacement
Hi all,
in response to Argus25's question in another thread:-

Originally Posted by Argus25 View Post

Do you know if anyone has ever tried to make replica CRT masks for the TV22 ?

The one in my set, like many sets of this vintage, has some deterioration, I strengthened it a little by gluing some strips to the rear of it.
This is becoming a more important question as time goes on. When I started collecting sets in the late 80's, the masks on early sets were still reasonable, but that was quite some time ago now and some masks that had previously seemed stable are starting to sag...
I thought I would ask for anyone's ideas on this front. Not to be confined to TV22 masks, I'm interested in peoples ideas or experience of replacing or repairing all types of rubber TV mask.

Arguably the TV22 mask is one of the simplest since it does not wrap around the sides of the CRT or support the protection glass. Then again it does mean it does not have much to hold it in shape.

I have given some thought to obtaining a large 3D printer to print new masks up to 12" in flexible plastic. As well as the cost of the printer itself, there is also the challenge of drawing the masks which can be quite complex shapes.

Let me know your opinions, experience of making replacement masks or repairing them with filler etc. I'm also keen to know how masks that have been filled and repainted have stood the test of time.


Panrock 7th Dec 2017 4:50 pm

Re: Ideas for TV mask repair and replacement
Hi Andy,

I once re-built a Murphy V136C's rotten rubber mask by painting on layers of roofing repair mastic over several weeks. There was plenty of time to adjust the shape as I went along!

The Retrovisor mask was made from fibreglass. Though unlike a TV22 it was intended for a 4:3 picture.


Freya 7th Dec 2017 4:53 pm

Re: Ideas for TV mask repair and replacement
I approached a manufacturer of washing machine door seals who said it would be easy to reproduce but they needed a 100% good original as a pattern. A rough estimate at the time was putting them at 30 each if 50 were produced.

This was in 2012 though

Boater Sam 8th Dec 2017 12:17 am

Re: Ideas for TV mask repair and replacement
I suggested on a previous thread using expanding foam in a crude box mould and carving it to shape. The edges that show could be filled and smoothed.

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