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Bigtube 31st May 2019 10:19 am

Hello from Dorsten, Germany

my name is Joerg and Im located in a small town named Dorsten in Germany.
Im 57 years old and Im licensed under my callsign DJ7TL since 42 years.
To write in an english forum is a nice training for me to learn english.
Actual, our kids start to learn english in elementary shool, but my generation
had only some years in high shool.
I hope I can share some information here in this forum with other hobbyists.

Best regards from Dorsten,


Julesomega 31st May 2019 4:13 pm

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany
Hi Joerg, what aspects of 'radio' are you most interested in? (note the quaint way English puts the preposition at the end of the sentence!)
Or, to put it another way, which of the forums here are you most likely to post on?

60 oldjohn 31st May 2019 4:59 pm

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany
Hi Joerg, Welcome to the forum, I wish my German was half as good as your English. What are your main interest in the hobby? Have you ever been involved in electronics in your day job?


camallison 31st May 2019 5:29 pm

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany
Herzlich willkommen, Joerg.


Ed_Dinning 31st May 2019 8:43 pm

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany
Hi Joerg, I may catch up with you some time as I sometime travel to Essen to see my exchange guest of 60 years ago, Georg, we will be visiting his little sister at Konstanz this summer.

Cheers, Ed

The Philpott 1st Jun 2019 8:31 am

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany
Good morning Joerg.

I notice from Wikipedia that the Romans had military barracks in Dorsten 2000yrs ago and the last coal mine closed in 2001. Things that make it sound very much like home!


Bigtube 7th Jun 2019 3:44 pm

Re: Hello from Dorsten, Germany

many thanks at all for this rearlly nice welcome!

@60 oldjohn,

Yes, my hometown had a coalmine and I learned mechatronics on this mine. I started to work with 16
and over the time my job changed to plastics engineering. This is what I do today. My company has plants over the whole world, (we have one plant in Tipton) and I travel sometimes a lot arround and visit our plants because I have
to do support for injection molding or extrusion.
To write in english works but talking is more critical for me depending on vocabulary.:-/ But continous training is very helpful for me.


Im most interested on Transmitters and receivers from Racal and Marconi.
I have two RA-1792 "Full House" complete with Score Boards, ISB-Option,
Backlight option in the newer version with "Full Bite" and the MA-1723 Exciters. The Amplifiers are the Racal TA-1800 and a H1141 from Marconi.
I repaired all by myself and have some experience with this radios.
So, the most favorite forum for me is "Vintage Amateur and Military Radio"


Ed when you travel to Essen you are welcome to every time!


Danke Colin!

@ The Philpott,

Dave, not only the romans. ;)

We had stationed the 12. Supply-Regiment of Royal Logistic Corps here in Dorsten -Wulfen until 1999. The corps leave, but some british families are
here until today. (inclusive my friend Dave with his family);D

Best regards from Dorsten,


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