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caledonian01 9th Feb 2021 5:20 pm

Amstrad TS99.
Hi guys.

I imagine in the hi fi world the Amstrad TS99 is looked down on, but I save up and bought one with my first working wage. Recently I tried to get a working one, but all they seem to have a similar problem, weak signal in one channel? The first one I bought two years ago and took it too a (hi fi) repair shop in an industrial unit in Glasgow, badgered him for months got it back in a worse state. I bought another one, it had the same problem.

I decided in my wisdom to bypass the amp and put phono lines on the turntable cassette and radio and put it through an amp, it worked but a bit of a pain to operate. So I've bought another one. You see I like the fact that you can put on a record via the remote. I know the world had moved on but I am nostalgic and old, so I guess I am asking can you recommend someone I can send it to and get it fixed properly?

caledonian01 11th Feb 2021 5:39 pm

Re: Amstrad TS99.
Hi guys, just to let you know this one all works. I made a Variac to slowly let the electrolytics reform, it seems to have worked. Just a wee belt in the cassette needed,you know the one that turns the magnet.

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