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high_vacuum_house 10th Jun 2019 9:19 pm

Tefi schallband cartridge library completed
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Good evening,
Here is a project I undertook over the course of the weekend. I have a growing collection of Tefifon cartridges and having a box to store them in was not ideal. The cartridge cases are particularly fragile.

I have seen that the Tefi company produced an under unit for cartridge storage for their radiogram models which had the same footprint as the radiogram and made it more of a floor standing console radio. The likelihood of finding one is very slim and only holds about 20 cartridges anyway and I have many more than one would hold.

I decided that a wall mounted unit would be much better and so designed and built a wall rack tailored to the cartridge size. I purposely over sized it as I am sure more cartridges will be added in the future. I had to remove my whiteboard and fit it to another wall but the rack was fitted to the wall this morning and I spent a pleasing evening putting all of the cartridges in numerical order. I am also in the process of cataloguing them all to produce a library of their contents. I am certainly very pleased with the home made rack and it looks a lot better than I had imagined.

My wife likes it too but now wants me to make her one for her shoes!!

Christopher Capener

Phil G4SPZ 10th Jun 2019 10:06 pm

Re: Tefi schallband cartridge library completed
Very neat, Chris. That’s quite a library you’ve amassed there, probably one of the biggest single collections of this type of cartridge.

I once made the mistake of asking my wife how many pairs of shoes she actually needed. She replied, “About the same number as you have radios”, with which I couldn’t argue.

Get building the shoe rack...

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