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DonaldStott 25th Sep 2021 9:07 am

NAD 7020i receiver
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I know it a long shot but worth a punt - looking for a replacement power transformer for a NAD 7020i receiver.

The existing transformer has six Primary inputs and twelve Secondary outputs - see here:-

Attachment 242086

The only identification text on the existing transformer is this:-

Attachment 242087

This type of transformer may have been used in other NAD equipment of this period?

Ed_Dinning 25th Sep 2021 3:16 pm

Re: NAD 7020i receiver
Hi Donald,if it is a mains transformer there may well be 2 primaries 0. 100,120 that can be series or parallel connected for a range of voltage. These are often problematical and a single 240v winding is to be preferred if originality is not important and it is to be used in the UK.
Secondary certainly is "busy", what voltages are present.

Multi taps, especially on Chinese equipment often give problems


DonaldStott 25th Sep 2021 4:13 pm

Re: NAD 7020i receiver
Thanks Ed - you are correct of course about the Primaries as this appears to be a universal transformer with several taps for use in any country.

The NAD documentation is a nightmare and I am unable to locate a source that details all the Secondary voltages - the search goes on!

As the existing transformer is headed for the skip and I have little or no chance of finding an exact replacement then I'm not at all worried about originality.

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