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Viscount 6th Apr 2020 9:52 am

Bush RP50.
I've been working on an RP50 for the last few days, it's in exeptional condition apart from a damaged platter mat (being sorted).

The other thing is a missing silver control knob centre, so I wondered if I could make one, so I got an ali can and cut a piece out and carefully made a disc and filed it to the exact size, then hot glued it to a flat headed bolt. I placed this in a drill and spun it up using fine sandpaper working from the outside in, the results are really good. A little heat afterwards releases the disc, fit to the knob, nice job,only took about 30 mins.

unitaudio 8th Apr 2020 11:49 am

Re: Bush RP50.
This is the kind of resourcefulness that can make all the difference to a project!


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