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stevelon 22nd Jan 2015 10:10 am

Blaupunkt SQR 22
Hi all,
Having trouble with the above radio. It tunes in ok to start with, but after 30-60mins, the reception basically dies, sounds terrible, like someone turning the vol up and down quickly + lots of interference, and the stereo symbol disappears. Have checked all connections at a local car radio shop. They are saying only other possibility is a fault with the radio itself.
Wondering if anyone knows where I could get it repaired / looked at. I really want to keep it, as it suits the car and they are hard to replace now.
Thanks in advance,, Steve.
P.S, was also wondering if at all possible to fit a MP3 connection, but that's a less urgent issue!

'LIVEWIRE?' 22nd Jan 2015 8:19 pm

Re: Blaupunkt SQR 22
There were several models called SQR22, from memory they included the Melbourne, Boston, and possibly Cambridge, etc. The fault could be caused by anything from Dry Solder joints to faulty components. Some Blaupunkt sets of that era used Hybrid Circuits(basically ICs) made specifically for them, and which are no longer available. However, that having been said, if no-one nearer to you is willing, or able to undertake the work, and you are willing to send it to me, I will check it and let you know if it's repairable. Between 1972 & 1995 I was the ICE (Car Radio) service Enginer at a Blaupunkt main dealer, and may well have the service manual for your radio. As a new member, you may not yet be able to send a Private Message(PM), but, when you can I can reply with details of where to send your radio. Being somewhat busy, it matake me a while to get to your radio, though!

stevelon 23rd Jan 2015 11:14 am

Re: Blaupunkt SQR 22
Hi there,

Thanks - that would be great. Its a Blaupunkt Köln SQR22, not any of the above you have listed. You can find a pic on a quick google search.
Problem is, how do I do a PM? Sorry, 1st time on any forum!

'LIVEWIRE?' 24th Jan 2015 9:23 am

Re: Blaupunkt SQR 22
The Koln (should be Koeln, BTW - the two dots above the 'o' are an Umlaut) is/was, one of the more complex models having motor driven self-seek tuning in earlier days, later replaced with fully electronic self-seek tuning. I'll look it up via google. To send me a PM, click on my ID at the left of one of my posts, then on the 'send a private message to...' tab.

Steve, You have a PM. To read it, go to the 'Usr CP' tap at the top LH side of this page.

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