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1100 man 25th Sep 2016 8:33 pm

Milton Keynes Museum
Hi all,
Have just returned from a British Leyland car rally at MK museum (in a Morris 1300 of course!) Museum has a great display of mainly Victorian living including a street of very interesting shops. There is also a good display of telephony with working mechanical & electronic exchange equipment. Fascinating to pick up a phone, dial a number and see the mechanics go into action! There's even a working jack plug exchange which you can use.
There is also a collection of film projection equipment and various radio related gear, plus a very nice Ruston oil engine and 210v DC generator and control panel plus switchgear etc. I believe there is also a large collection of transport related stuff and a working blacksmith but didn't get a chance to see that.
All in all, well worth a visit

Dave Moll 25th Sep 2016 8:46 pm

Re: Milton Keynes Museum
I would agree that it is worth a visit or two, especially for those into telephone heritage (which is why the Telephone Heritage Group organises its autumn swapmeet nearby in Milton Keynes).

My sister (non-techie, but once a GPO telephonist) also greatly enjoyed a visit when I dragged her along.

MurphyNut 26th Sep 2016 10:23 am

Re: Milton Keynes Museum
I know this is a bit off topic but they are having an mechanical Organ Festival at the Milton Keynes Museum on 8-9th October, looks fun.

Dave Moll 26th Sep 2016 11:17 am

Re: Milton Keynes Museum
Thanks for the "heads up". I might pop in after the THG swapmeet on the 9th.

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