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Dave Moll 2nd Jan 2014 10:08 pm

Scans of "Practical" magazine articles
I think that this just about fits into the definition of this forum section

I have a fairly extensive archive of the following magazines, and am happy to email scans of articles from them to forum members:

Practical Electronics: from issue 1 in November 1964 to December 1984 with some gaps from March 1977 onwards, along with a few later issues ending with December 1993.

Practical Wireless: from January 1947 to December 2001 with some gaps, along a few issues between 2002 and 2006, and even fewer going back from 1947 to the time of the magazine's birth in 1932.

Practical Television: the complete run from the magazine's post-war relaunch as a supplement to Practical Wireless in March 1949 through to its final demise in June 2008.

If you wish to make use of this, please contact me via the forum's Private Message function, including an email address to which the scans can be sent. I have attached the lists of magazines in my archive at the time of making this post. Although, barring disasters, it is unlikely that those given as present will cease to be, there is always the possibility that I shall succeed adding further issues of PE and PW in the future.

Please bear in mind that I do this in my spare time at no charge, and reserve the right to withdraw the service if I find myself overwhelmed with requests. Please also note that I restrict this to scanning articles from specific issues and am not willing to search through the archives to find an article. One day I might find time to produce and publish a simple index of articles - but please don't hold your breath!

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