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Electronpusher0 22nd Mar 2020 5:03 pm

AVO meter replacement glass cut to size.
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I intially offered this in the "Sets parts and service information offered" section but am posting here at the suggestion of moderator Bill.

There have been several threads recently enquiring about replacement glass for AVO meters.
As making stained glass panels is another hobby of mine, I am a reasonably competent glass cutter.
I also needed to make a glass for an AVO 8 Mk3 I own so have been practicing making a couple of replacement glasses from old picture frame glass (as suggested on another thread). I attach photos of the one I made for my AVO (after fitting) and the spare I made.

I am now confident I can make these and decided to offer to make them to order on the forum.

They cost 5 including postage within the UK, I can ship abroad but the postage will be at cost.

I have templates for the AVO 7, early AVO 8 and 9, Model D, Model 46A and the AVO 8 Mk 5 (the plastic case version which uses a different glass)
I also have a template for the glass for the 2 panel AVO valve tester.
Any other sizes I will need a template supplied, either posted or scanned but if scanned please include the dimensions so I can print it the correct size.

Please be careful if you buy any as they will have very sharp edges, it is possible to dull the edge with a file but you risk setting up a stress point that can crack later.

I can cut straight lines and curves and indeed recently cut a full circle to fit a compass but cannot cut holes at this time. If there is a demand for glass with holes I will look into how I can do this.


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