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murphy512 2nd Mar 2021 6:00 pm

Crosley E15 scratched cabinet
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the cabinet of my new Crosley E15 has a couple of scratches and a hairline crack and I was wondering if anybody can suggest the best way to deal with it.
The rest of the cabinet is good and I do not fancy respraying the whole cabinet.

G6Tanuki 2nd Mar 2021 6:35 pm

Re: Crosley E15 scratched cabinet
The hairline crack - if it goes-all-the-way-through to the inside I would suggest 'feeding' the crack from the inside using cyanoacrylate superglue - surface-tension will draw it into the crack and prevent the crack from progressing.

The scratches - could be worth investigating the 'coloured' car-polishes: at first I was cynical but used one-such [Turtle Wax] on a scratched car door-sill and was impressed by the results.

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