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Superscope 5th May 2019 10:03 am

Auritone/Benkson TV Question
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Can anybody help me with a ridiculous question regarding this Set?

I have this Auritone 5 inch portable TV which was also sold under the Benkson Name.

Doesn't have a Model number on it, but it is quite recognisable
see Photo's. Plenty of them around.

My dilemma

I want to carry out a modification, but can't get the case off!

Undone the 4 Screws on the underside, but the case just doesn't want to come off.
I cannot see any other Screws anywhere.

Does anybody know how to open the case on these TV's?

I really don't want to break it, hence I thought I would see if anybody has any knowledge of these Sets before I have to use brute force on it.


AJSmith625 5th May 2019 10:38 am

Re: Auritone/Benkson TV Question
Like most of this far Eastern stuff you will probably find the cabinet joints are glued. Try warming along the seams with a hair dryer, not too hot as to warp the plastic. Also check there are no extra screws inside the battery compartment, but you have probably already done this.


Jac 5th May 2019 10:49 am

Re: Auritone/Benkson TV Question
I think I see 6 screws on the underside.

Can the handle be removed? No screw on the back (or in a (battery?)compartment?


Superscope 5th May 2019 9:38 pm

Re: Auritone/Benkson TV Question
Thanks for the replies.

Only Four Screws on the Underside!
None in the Battery Compartment.

Is there a Service Manual out there I wonder?
I did look but came up with nothing.

I suspect the Case will have Clips around the Circumference rather
than being Glued.
Was just hoping somebody might know how to open these Sets before
I end up damaging it.


19Seventy7 5th May 2019 10:23 pm

Re: Auritone/Benkson TV Question
I have a 5" set which isn't the same make, but as you said, has clips around the case, I think top and bottom, none on the sides. try prying gently, as not to break it.

Good luck

julie_m 5th May 2019 10:54 pm

Re: Auritone/Benkson TV Question
Is the front bezel holding the two halves together? Search around the edges for any clips holding it on. (If you haven't got a proper tool, a guitar plectrum works as an ideal substitute.) There may be more clips around the join line, but they should separate easily enough once the bezel is off.

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