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audiomagpie 3rd Jul 2021 7:13 am

Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
It is our intention to proceed with the BVWS Punnetts Town swap-meet, East Sussex on Sunday 1st August.

It is hopeful that restrictions will have been lifted but we do have a Plan B - if we can't run the event within the hall as usual, a large marquee with the sides rolled up will be erected on the adjacent field.

If you wish to book a stall please contact organiser John Howes, his contact details are on the BVWS events page and also in the back of the Bulletin.

This is a jumble/swap meet type event without an auction, if visiting you are advised to turn up soon around opening time, as the 'non auction' events usually start to tail off towards the early/mid afternoon...

Non BVWS members are welcome!

Please check BVWS website before setting out to any event for latest updates.

See you there, fingers and everything else crossed!

Dickie 3rd Jul 2021 8:23 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
That's good news! Will the BVWS capacitor sales stall be there?

audiomagpie 3rd Jul 2021 8:29 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
Yes Richard, the BVWS tables will be there, well stocked with capacitors, De-oxit and many vintage items from the stores at 'no decent offer refused' prices!

audiomagpie 26th Jul 2021 11:37 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
To confirm that the event WILL BE GOING AHEAD next Sunday 1st August.

Doors open at 10 (stall holders 9.30). The usual variety of many stalls selling Radio, Television, HiFi, Audio, Comms receivers, Test gear, Valves, Components, Spares, etc.
Entry fee payable at the door.
Ample free parking, refreshments.
The BVWS stall will be there selling the usual range of capacitors, Deoxit, etc., so you can stock up the workshop. And a load of quality items from the bulging BVWS stores at 'we don't want to take stuff back' prices! And all major debit/credit cards now taken at the BVWS stall!
If you have one or two items you'd like to sell, the 'Bring and Buy' stall is where you can sell your items at 10% commission to the BVW&TV Museum.

It's a members event but guests are very welcome for a sample visit to come and see what we're all about! You can even take the plunge and join the BVWS on the day! Credit/debit card payments taken at the BVWS stall.

This is a great and friendly meeting in a beautiful location, in all a jolly good day out!

STOP PRESS: There are still two tables available - contact organiser John Howes - details in the Bulletin and on BVWS website..

See you there...

Paul Stenning 27th Jul 2021 11:34 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
I have updated the front page of the BVWS with some of Greg's text.

David Church 2nd Aug 2021 6:42 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
A brilliant day at Punnets Town yesterday. Thanks to John and his family for organising it, and to all who attended and made this a great event.

The weather stayed (mostly) on our side, and it was good to see the usual suspects and even some new faces.

As usual, I bought more than I intended but could not resist it, as the prices were far too attractive.

The tables were spaced out as you would expect with some setup outside, and hand sanitizer was the order of the day but there was a great sense of normality about the event.

There was plenty of haggling and we shifted many of the items on the BVWS stall, and nearly cleared the Museum stall, which had almost ‘giveaway’ prices at the end!

The display laid on in the side room was fantastic (an early Marconi setup) working for short bursts so as not to upset the neighbours.

All in all a great day out, and now onwards to RetroTechUK on 26th September.

Thanks again to everyone involved for making this happen. :clap:

Andrewausfa 2nd Aug 2021 9:34 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
It was great to see so many people attend this event, my first time at Punnets Town. Lovely part of the country too. I drove down from Cambridge and arrived at a far too early time which was good as the car park filled up rapidly with not only us but the local Sunday Leaguers. Met up with some pals and some surreptitious exchanging of radio 'goodies' which were transferred into car boots while they weren't looking.

Came home with some bargains but more than that, it was just nice to see people, even though I don't know them personally, I recognised from other meetings over the years.

Journey home a different matter, Dartford Crossing and torrential rain...


David G4EBT 2nd Aug 2021 9:38 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August

Originally Posted by David Church (Post 1394800)

All in all a great day out, and now onwards to RetroTechUK on 26th September.

Thanks again to everyone involved for making this happen. :clap:

Well done to the organisers - the success of the event and similar events bodes well for RetrotechUK.

All such events depend on three main factors:

1) The availability of a suitable venue which can accommodate the likely number of visitors. Prior to the lifting of social distancing, that couldn't be achieved, so a lot of events couldn't run as it wouldn't have been economically viable. Many venue operators have been exceedingly risk averse until recently and have stayed closed, which is understandable.

2) Sufficient traders to make the event worthwhile. They will only attend if they have a good level of certainty that the event will definitely go ahead, and will attract enough visitors to be worthwhile for them.

3) Enough visitors need to be willing to attend, and they will only do that if they have the confidence to attend indoor venues and that there will be enough traders to make their journey worthwhile.

From a range of events I've attended and reports I've read of other (sell out) indoor events, I get the impression that all of those three boxes are now being ticked. Given how long things have been on hold, subjectively, I think there will be no shortage of equipment to change hands, and money burning holes in pockets!

newlite4 2nd Aug 2021 10:51 am

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
I can't thank John and his family enough for this, it was a relief to be able to get out and about with a bulging car load. The drive up from Lewes was especially scenic, a long but worthwhile journey, although a bit tricky on the M27 on the way back when a cloudburst made for hazardous conditions. The event made for a great starter for future meetings. The location was rather idyllic especially when the rugby match started just a stones throw from the outdoor stalls, the rain during the event only added to the cosy atmosphere. Lots of items changed hands throughout the event and there was an overall feeling of optimism.

dave walsh 2nd Aug 2021 12:32 pm

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
Oh dear! I seem to have missed the original and more recent PT notifications in July and I'm just around the corner [relatively speaking]:(. I think family illness and a six week sewerage flooding emergency involving my house, a twenty foot deep trench and the rest of the Avenue must have taken my eye off the ball. I'm glad it went so well but I hope no one else missed out. Always an affable event with excellent bacon sandwiches:thumbsup:

Dave W


Andrewausfa 2nd Aug 2021 3:45 pm

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August

Originally Posted by newlite4 (Post 1394857)
the rugby match started just a stones throw from the outdoor stalls. Neil

I'm pretty sure it wasn't Rugby Neil, wrong ball, eight less players and the goal posts were shorter and had a net between them. Long old drive for you, well done for going :thumbsup:

audiomagpie 2nd Aug 2021 4:40 pm

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
To reiterate as already said, it was great to be at an event again and amongst old friends! Alex (Bulletin Ed.) and myself had a great day out. One or two new members came too. It was a good turnout and there was a certainly a buzz in the air - especially at times in the side room!
Thanks to John, Brenda and family for organising and keeping us suitably fed and watered throughout the day. For those who were unable to join us there will be some great photos in the Autumn Bulletin, due out next month...

dave walsh 2nd Aug 2021 5:52 pm

Re: Punnetts Town BVWS 1st August
I've never been when there was sports activity taking place at P Town but going to Golborne [7th November] on one occasion, a chap seemed discomforted by the nearby Rugby Match. I said, "Well it is a Rugby Club!".

Dave W

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