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Stylo N M 12th Aug 2014 10:52 pm

Edit Your Details?

I've edited my details to: Display age and date of birth, as I would like it to show (example)
Stylo N M (51) on the forum main page on my birthday in November. So for this to take place as described have I now selected the correct setting?

Thanks, paul.

Paul Stenning 13th Aug 2014 8:23 am

Re: Edit Your Details?
Yes that's correct. If you allow it to display your age and date of birth it will show your birthday on the home page on relevant day (and also in the forum calendar).

That doesn't guarantee anyone will notice and comment though, because there are birthdays shown most days. My 50th was there last month and passed unnoticed on here.

Stylo N M 13th Aug 2014 10:40 am

Re: Edit Your Details?

Thanks Paul for confirming that, yes I'm sure I remember seeing that it was your birthday, well anyway many happy returns and belated birthday wishes for last month :thumbsup:.

Also thank you for this wonderful forum, and the hard work you put into it on a daily basis, and the mods too, especially all the hard work that went into all the information you managed to obtain for us all from N.A.S.A, in reference to the (Tin whiskers in transistors topic). That was awesome, great reading too and valuable informatiom.

Thank you, paul.

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