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Paolo_London 21st Nov 2020 11:35 am

Linn Classik Movie System
Greetings !
Hopefully, I am posting to the correct forum.
I recently upgraded my TV to a Sony which does not have a scart.
I have my Linn classik movie system wired up around the house which I previously used as as the sound receiver from my tv.

I believe I can buy a Scart > HDMI convertor but I am not certain which way around they need to be [ output/input ]:

Does anyone have any advice and/or experience with such matters - i.e. is this the best way to go without having to replace my Linn?

Many thanks in advance.

Richardgr 22nd Nov 2020 8:22 am

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
How about RGB connections? RGB to SCART is quite common.

Superscope 22nd Nov 2020 10:07 am

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Hi Paolo,

If you want to feed Audio from your HDMI TV to your
I assume Analogue Linn Klassic Movie System, then you
will need an HDMI Input to Scart Output Converter.

i.e HDMI output from the TV going into the HDMI input of the converter.
which will then have it's Scart Output going to the Scart Input of the Linn.
Hope that makes sense.

Although Manufacturers sometimes have strange ways of describing their Inputs & Outputs,
depending on whether they are stating the actual, or referenced to what they are connecting too.

Might be better, to let us know which version of the Linn you have.
Seems there are different versions available, and some actually have Digital inputs available.

Likewise, which Sony TV do you have?

I would be surprised (or maybe not) if the Sony TV doesn't have an Analogue
Audio output somewhere already.
Assuming you actually need an Analogue connection.
In which case, you wouldn't need a Converter.

Obviously, a Digital connection would be significantly better.


Paolo_London 22nd Nov 2020 9:32 pm

5 Attachment(s)
Hello !
Thank you for all the replies, it is very much appreciated.

I cannot locate the model number of the Linn, but a photo is attached.
I am also attaching a few photos of the back, unfortunately, the wiring is such that it is contained behind plaster board and such like, so not the easiest to move.

The Sony TV model is KD-75XH8096.

I currently have a Digital optical cable connected from the Linn receiver into the TV - which worked on the last model, but not this. It is a cable I am not too familiar with and identify it by the 'red laser' type light.
I could not find a suitable adjustment on the TV itself and assumed it doesn't work and my only option would be a Scart to HDMI

Would this be the best way to go?

Many thanks in advance

Superscope 23rd Nov 2020 4:13 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Hi Paolo,

I can't see the Digital Input on the Linn in your Photo because you still have a
cable plugged into it.

I have to say, it looks more like a Digital Coaxial Cable to me in the Photo, but as
long as you are sure it is optical, and it worked with your old TV, then that is
good news, because according to the information I can find on your New
Sony Bravia, that too has a Digital Optical output.

The Linn either has an RCA/Phono socket, or an Optical Connector for it's
Digital Audio. As I said, I can't see which one from your Photo.

Theoretically then, you only need an Optical Cable, and the one you were
using before should work Ok.

You just need to find the correct Output on the new TV and plug your old
optical cable into it.
Assuming of course, the Digital input on the Linn is definitely Optical and not


Superscope 23rd Nov 2020 4:23 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Having re-read your post, it looks like you might have your TV and
the Linn connected but you just can't get it to work.

If that is the case, you might need to go into the Menu on the TV
and make sure the Digital Output is On and set to the right Format.
I think the Linn might want to see PCM Audio.

I can't remember off hand all the different Formats that might be available
on the latest TV's.

I don't think an HDMI Converter is the way you need to go on this.
Stick to a Digital connection.


Paolo_London 23rd Nov 2020 10:11 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
2 Attachment(s)
Hello Ian,

Looks like I am mistaken. The cable with the 'red light' I referred to is in fact plugged into 'digital out'. This is what I have plugged into the TV and does not work.

Having read your advice, it would seem that I made a mistake in my description, my apologies.

I am not at home now but I managed to locate an image online which matches the Linn I have, thus the same outputs. Having matched my photo to this, I can clearly see it is the same model and the cable I referred to is definitely 'digital out'.

Does this make it easier to determine what my options may be now?

I appreciate all the help !

Superscope 23rd Nov 2020 11:10 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
I'm not quite sure how your Digital Cable worked before then, on your old TV,
if the Linn only has a Digital Out Connection.

I think I would need to see a copy of the User Manual to see whats going on.

What little information I could find on line, did say the Linn had a Digital input.
At least later models did.

Do you have the Linn user Manual ?

If you do, check the Specification Page and look for Audio Ports.
This should tell you how many inputs and outputs the device has and
whether they are Analogue or Digital.


Superscope 24th Nov 2020 10:41 am

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Ok, I have found the Manual for the Linn Classic Movie.

I had thought that the Linn was some kind of AV Amp, but it turns out
just to be a Glorified DVD Player.

I assume you have other Classic Movie units in the House connected
using the "Connect" Feature.
That would explain the wording in Post #1

The unfortunate thing seems to be that the Linn doesn't have any Digital
inputs, which is why your Optical Cable doesn't work.

All the inputs on the Linn are Analogue.

Having looked at the Manual for your Sony Bravia, you only have Two Audio
outputs available.

1. Is the Digital Optical output you have already found, but which cannot be
connected to the Linn directly, because the Linn doesn't have a Digital Input.

2. The Headphone Socket, which is essentially an analogue Audio Output.

The HDMI connectors on the TV are inputs only, so are only of any use to you
if you wish to feed Audio into the TV, not the other way round.

So, as I see it, you have Two options.

The cheapest and easiest, is to connect the Headphone Socket output on the
TV to the Audio input Pins on the SCART connector on the Linn.
This will require you making up or buying a suitable cable.

Alternatively, a better solution would be to buy an Optical Digital to Analogue Converter like this one: .

There are others available, but this is the first one that came up on my search.

So in answer to your original question, it is not an HDMI Converter you need.

Maybe others might want to confirm if they agree.


Clydeuk 25th Nov 2020 12:46 am

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
All the recent TV's I have seen have one designated HDMI port that offers Digital Output usually to connect a Home Cinema system or soundbar. The one on my set is labelled ARC (audio return channel?). When connected this way it disables the TV's speakers and routes through the Home Cinema. It also allows operation of the home cinema unit from the TV remote control, powering the TV on or off will do likewise to the home cinema. The optical output is more a legacy connector nowadays.

Using the headphone socket to the audio input of the amplifier would work but will disable the internal speakers, which might not be a problem in this case, but I think the optical to analogue converter would be the best option quality wise.

Paolo_London 25th Nov 2020 2:55 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Thanks everyone for the input.

It is a DVD player but it controls the speakers in my house and a Linn turntable.
The DVD player has been used primarily as a CD player.
Since they are still priced in the 'upper brackets' second hand on eBay, I assume they are still relatively sought after, even if they are a glorified DVD player.

The moral of the story -- don't invest too much for a decade later, it is obsolete. There goes a lesson for Linn.

I tried to attach the link from eBay in my initial posting to illustrate what I had been looking at, each time, whomever moderates, removed the reference.
If this was the way to go, I was unsure whether to purchase this : SCART to HDMI Adapter 1080P HD Video Audio Upscale Converter USB Cable TV DVD UK

But I see an eBay link in a reply and I will take a look and see if it links in with my initial thoughts.

Thanks to all for your kind assistance ... I have 2 Linn players so possibly, given the price they still seem to 'achieve' on eBay, I should sell the two and with the money buy something new, mid range and the balance goes on a nice bottle of Vodka !

Cheers !

Superscope 25th Nov 2020 3:59 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
No need to sell your Linn's if your happy with them.

There is a solution as discussed, and for only a couple of Pounds of investment.

Get a Digital to Analogue convertor.

And, let us know how you get on.


PJL 25th Nov 2020 9:39 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
An HDMI to SCART is not what you want as it is for connecting an HDMI device like a DVD player to an older TV.

There are some cheap HDMI to RCA (video, L/R audio output) that might work but the description does not mention the audio specification so you would need to ask them.

The optical digital to analogue convertor linked above would seem to be a safer bet (and it's cheaper still).

Paolo_London 27th Nov 2020 9:20 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Sorry, I am back because I am confused, I think.

With the optical digital to analogue convertor, I would connect one end of the cable into the Linn [ a cable I already have and connected into the Linn ]. I would run this cable into the convertor box?
I would need a second optical digital cable to run from the convertor box into the TV?

How would I control the volume?
Would the sound automatically be controlled now from the Linn and I would no longer use the volume control of the TV?
Do I need to change a setting on the TV for the sound?

Many thanks !

Superscope 27th Nov 2020 9:56 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System

The Optical Cable will go from your TV to the Convertor.

The Analogue output from the Convertor (RCA Sockets)
will go to your Scart (Audio Input) Connector on the Linn.

You will need to wire the cable yourself (RCA to Scart), or
buy one.

As regards how you control the Volume, I'm not familiar with
the Linn, but you would control the Volume the same way you
would control the Volume for anything plugged into the Scart Socket.


PJL 28th Nov 2020 1:04 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Just to be clear, the Linn has a digital output for connecting to an external decoder but you want an input to the Linn for audio from the TV.

What may have confused you is "I currently have a Digital optical cable connected from the Linn receiver into the TV - which worked on the last model". It most likely was not doing anything as the audio would have passed through the SCART connection, if it did do anything it might have played the Linn through the TV speakers.

DonaldStott 29th Nov 2020 5:01 pm

Re: Linn Classik Movie System
Here are a few links that might help: -

Linn Classik Movie System Product Information

Linn Classik Movie System User Manual

Linn Classik Movie System - Additions to Owner's Manual

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