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David G4EBT 9th Aug 2020 4:00 pm

G-QRP club online convention 6 Sept 2020.
As a member of the G-QRP Club, I've received notification of this event, as other G-QRP Club members will have done, but it does state that there will be a 'special deal' for none members so I thought I've give details here in case any of the topics might be of interest to non-members:


GQRP Club Online Convention 2020

We now have a detailed agenda for our Online Convention 2020, taking place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September. The online event, which replaces the club’s annual GQRP convention at Telford due to current Covid-19 restrictions, is open to all Club members, and there is a special deal for non-members.

The two-day event comprises a series of online presentations and knowledge-sharing meetings and chat rooms where people can discuss their ideas.

The packed presentation list includes:

“Building QRP transceivers” with Hans Summers G0UPL, designer and manufacturer of the QCX QRP transceiver.

“HF propagation and QRP” with Steve Nichols G0KYA, author and chairman of the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee

“Homebrew SSB Transceivers” with Pete Juliano N6QW, co-presenter of the Soldersmoke podcast and a prolific home brewer.

“Vector Network analysers explained and the NanoVNA” with Alan Wolke W2AEW, a professional electrical engineer who works for Tektronix.

“Antennas for QRP” with Callum McCormick M0MCX, YouTube star and inventor and manufacturer of the DX Commander vertical antenna.

“FT8/FT4 for the QRPer” with Anthony Luscre K8ZT, who will take a detailed look at this the fastest-growing mode in amateur radio.

The knowledge-sharing meetings will include “Using Antenna analysers” with Heather M0HMO, “Running a QRP DxPedition” with Dom M1KTA, “Battery technology for QRP portable” with Bill G4ERV, “Omni Directional antennas” with John G8SEQ and many more.

The event costs just 4 for GQRP club members and will be delivered using Zoom.

To sign up for the event just go to the Eventbrite sign-up page at:

More information and the full event schedule will be on the website very soon:
One comment that caught my eye was: "FT8/FT4 - the fastest growing mode in amateur radio".

I don't know what is is and don't want to know, any more than I do about 'D-Star' but it does strike me as a formerly active radio amateur from a bygone era, that there are now so many bands and modes, that what little activity there is these days in dissipated in the same way that with so many digital terrestrial and satellite TV channels, the viewers and hence advertising revenues are also spread thinly. Sometimes, 'more choice' falls victim to the laws of unintended consequences. A bit like when Maplin listed every value of resistor but only had two in stock at the store.

It's just a personal observation which doesn't affect me as an outsider looking in. For all I know, all bands and all modes are buzzing with activity.

I hope the Convention might be of interest.

Nuvistor 10th Aug 2020 10:08 am

Re: G-QRP club online convention 6 sept 2020
I had not heard of Ft8/FT4, found this online.

Some Reading for you David.

Dave757 10th Aug 2020 10:40 am

Re: G-QRP club online convention 6 Sept 2020.

FT8 is as I understand the fastest growing mode in Amateur Radio,
but like the myriad of other digital modes, - not for me!

Kind regards

Dave G0ELJ

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