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PortugalTV 14th Nov 2018 10:47 pm

Capacitor restuffing
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this is main filter capacitors restuffing on an old battered high hours TV
the tv is a "Ponto azul" wich is a Portuguese knock-off of Blaupunkt
it is an all vacuum tube black and white set with a 110 crt
i dont have a schematic but i managed to ressurect this old gem
it had a bad flyback high voltage winding and i replaced it with one from an American Tv that i bought off ebay.
the high voltage is a bit low due to the different HV winding and the picture blooms when the brightness is maxed out, the crt has a burn in the center but it is still good to watch some movies.
the linearity and h-size is screwed up no matter how i adjust it but i will not touch that until i find a schematic. all original caps and resistors except the filters wich were physically leaking electrolite

here is a photo of before and after on the filter caps and a video with raw footage of the process..
i need to take better pics of the tv , the picture is better than it appears on my cell phone camera

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