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Mr Hoover 30th Dec 2012 9:08 am

Interesting Testcard PC program
I've just come across an interesting testcard program from a few years ago,the testcard maker,apologies if it's been mentioned before.

To try it out simply I did the following..

Download the zip file and unzip,put the folder somewhere and run the cardmaker.exe" file

There are several tcd files (testcard definitions) already supplied with the program,open say the pm5544.tcd and various layers (a bit like photoshop) come up in the

To get it to display properly in full mode,select tools-options-viewer and select the "full" option.

Now pressing the F12 button will give the full testcard display.

A lot more testcards are here

I've only just started to play with it but the "definitions" can be opened in notepad and text changed or removed,like the FML writing for example.

I can see the output on a TV screen (my pc has an s vhs video output) and the results are very good on a TV screen.

Have yet to use the photoshop type editor.

It seems to have a lot of possibilities if one is into testcards.


unixmanuk 30th Dec 2012 12:09 pm

Re: Interesting Testcard PC program
I have used this programme for a while now, and it is very good.

I have created a DVD with assorted testcards on it. Using the tone box feature, you can add audio tones to them. I create movies from the jpeg stills and save them with the tones in Windows live movie maker.

They run for around 30 mins each.

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