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1100 man 13th Mar 2019 10:23 pm

'Scope from Bristol - Eastwards!
Can anyone help transporting a 'scope from Bristol (not sure where in Bristol yet) to somewhere round the northern section of the M25?

I use the M25 from the A3 North round to the M11 fairly often and could collect from anywhere in that area.

Delivery to Great Dunmow would be even better ;D

Failing that, could the 'scope be got to the NVCF in May?

Many thanks

Pamphonica 13th Mar 2019 11:49 pm

Re: 'Scope from Bristol - Eastwards!
You might try Chris Wood (chriswood1900) via this forum. He lives in Bristol and visits me (GU25 - M25 jn 13) quite often.
He will also be helping me with the Bring & Buy at NVCF in May so that's another option.

chriswood1900 14th Mar 2019 11:07 pm

Re: 'Scope from Bristol - Eastwards!
PM me with some details and a phone number and letís see what we can sort out.

1100 man 15th Mar 2019 12:40 am

Re: 'Scope from Bristol - Eastwards!
Hi Jeremy,
Your location is ideal for me to collect from or failing that, the NVCF.
Chris, I've sent you a PM so hopefully we can come up with a plan.

Many thanks

1100 man 16th Mar 2019 9:08 pm

Re: 'Scope from Bristol - Eastwards!
Well, thanks to Chriswood1900, it looks like we have a plan in place to get the 'scope to the NVCF, which is brilliant!

My thanks to all those involved in the plan, this thread can probably be closed!

All the best

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